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christian bale as bruce wayne in the dark knight.

Brad Pitt with Jared Leto. Fight Club (1999)
joaquin phoenix as johnny cash in walk the line (2005).


joseph gordon-levitt in 500 days of summer (2009).
sam worthington in the movie last night (2010).
the cast of inception (2010): ken watanabe, cillian murphy, leonardo dicaprio, tom hardy, joseph gordon-levitt, and ellen page.

one of my favorite movies of all time hands down. Up in the air. Anna kendrick <3 george clooney is a badass as usual.

george clooney and anna kendrick in the movie up in the air (2009).
gary oldman as dracula in the movie dracula (1992).
george peppard in breakfast at tiffany’s (1961).
colin firth and lee pace, a single man (2009)
the darjeeling limited (2007)